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As adjunct voice teacher at Har-Ber High School, Mrs. King loves preparing students for All-Region, All-State, ACDA, and college auditions, and she teaches a unit on art song to the choirs.

Part of the week-long unit includes training by Juilliard-trained baritone Theodore Carlson, who sang leading roles in European opera houses for over 20 years. Now an artist on the Art in Education roster,  Mrs. King offers more opportunities of sharing with young and old the brilliance of classical composers and the beautiful possibilities for the human voice. In her lesson plan for schools, Mrs. King empowers students to choose one of four songs from the classical genre and to improve their technical and artistic skill. Students have the opportunity to interact with a real opera singer and hear singing which is beyond their musical horizon and which expands their understanding of dynamics, vocal freedom, and range.

The Arts for Lifelong Learning Mini-Grants program enriches the lives of adults of all experience levels and abilities through quality arts learning experiences. This program provides funding for eligible institutions that wish to host a short-term (up to 10 days) residency program with professional artists who are listed on the Arts in Education Artist Roster. Programs should have hands-on arts activities for adult populations in community-based or governmental organizations and institutions. An in-service workshop may also be included in the mini-residency program. Grants are available up to $1,000 and require matching funding. There is no match required for Veteran's Projects. Contact the Arts in Education Program manager, Matt Boyce, at 501.324.9769 for more information on AIE mini-grants.